Fun Paddle boarding: Willamette River (Willamette Park, West Linn, Oregon)

Holy cow on the long time since I’ve posted. Life was crazy last year and I just missed posting my races and other fun  things such as running Hood to Coast for the first time.  Anyways, on to a fun paddle boarding I did tonight on a different stretch of the Willamette River than I normally do.


I was buying a current invasive species permit for my paddle board and as I was chatting with the lady at the store (Gorge Performance – awesome and very knowledgeable) she mentioned this place called the Narrows where boats can’t make it on the Willamette. So I told Max about it and then we promptly slept through the alarm so going early was out the window.  To top it off the weather reached 100 today and it was crazy hot. So instead we decided to head out later when hopefully some of the boats would be off the river and slightly cooler (it was still like 98 but oh well).

There are two docks, one which is at the boat ramp and one just floating to get into the water. We went with the floating one not at the boat ramp as there was a long line of cars/boats for the ramp. And most of them were leaving which was a plus.

The river was not the calmest and not the craziest I’ve experienced before but still a lot fun.  This was Max’s second time ever on a paddle board so he was a little shaky but I hadn’t been out for almost a year either so I was definitely not to hot either.


We didn’t quite make it to the Narrows portion but we saw the start of it. 🙂 It was a slightly shorter trip around an hour with lots of lazy paddling by me sitting down but still super fun to get out on the river again. Looking forward to making it all the way to the Narrows in the future and making more of a day of it.










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